How to Get Your Prayers Heard – Jim Staley

Priest Jim Staley shows on fasting and also petition. As Christians, we wish to get back to the roots of our Faith. We desire to get back to just how Yeshua (Jesus) as well as the apostles lived and also instructed. That’s what this movement is all regarding!

We’ve embraced the Torah, banquets, as well as the Sabbath. As well as all of those things are wonderful. But, typically talking, followers today are missing a vital piece of the challenge: Fasting. Without a doubt, not eating links us to our Christian Roots in an amazing means. And also in addition to petition as well as knowing/doing words of God, it is the most effective spiritual weapon that Believers have.

Join Pastor Jim Staley as he speaks on the power of fasting. Pastor Jim also shares some understandings that he has discovered with his own experience with fasting and addresses several misconstrued scriptures.
Released Aug 18, 2015

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