Francis Chan – Powerful Sermon Challenging American Christianity

This effective preaching from Francis Chan is among the very best preachings I’ve seen come from the institutional church, due to the fact that it really takes into consideration Jesus’ concerns and teachings why American Christianity has left this radical Scripture message out of its doctrines.

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What is “A Voice in the Desert”?

A Voice in the Desert is confidential. Its function is to point individuals to the message, instead than the messenger. The majority of modern-day day prophets advertise themselves even more than the teachings of Jesus and the real message of Revelation. A Voice in the Desert tests that mistake as well as even more. Some of the important things you listen to on this channel might be challenging to recognize, and also may offend you. The objective, nonetheless, is to sweep away dogmas and customs to disclose what Jesus actually showed.

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” Sand blows on the Great Sand Dunes” by Kelly Kochanski
Creative Commons (reuse permitted).

” BIBLE STUDY If Jesus were the priest of your church.
you probably would not go there Francis Chan”.
by Gospel Life Music Group.
( Fair Use).

from Fellowship Book
via Fellowship Book

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